ATLAS Mobile Makers
Join Us Thursdays in the ATLAS 2nd Floor Hackery
5:00pm - 6:00pm

What is Mobile Makers

The Only App Development Club on Campus

  • The Only App Development Club

    on Campus

    ATLAS Mobile Makers is the only student led mobile app development club at the University of Colorado Boulder! It's a place to learn, collaborate, and design amazing apps in both Android and iOS.

  • No Previous Experience Required

    Whether you are an experienced app developer or have never seen Xcode in your life, if you are interested in app development, Mobile Makers is the place for you. We will always have someone available to get you started.

  • iOS Development

    If you are interested in iOS development, you must have a Mac to develop. Be sure to download Xcode before coming to meetings.

  • Android Development

    If you are interested in Android Development, be sure to download Android Studio before coming to the meetings. We can also help you get set up once you are here.

  • Windows Development

    We currently don't offer any tutorials on Windows Phone development, but we welcome any and all app developers!

Get Started

with both iOS and Android

Getting Started with iOS Development

You must have a Mac to develop for iOS
  • Download the newest version of Xcode from the App Store (not the beta version)
  • Sign up for an Apple account if you don't already have one

Getting Started with Android Development

  • Download the latest version of Android Studio
  • Download Java Development Kit (JDK) 8
    • Accept the License Agreement
    • Click on the file that correlates to your computer's operating system
  • When you open Android Studio, accept any updates and install those


For Swift, Java, iOS and Android